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The Obidian Interval, a 157-page, seven chapter novel in pictures is now available in two versions, black and white or black and white with color.

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Whilda and the Stitch Witches (an illustrated short story with instructions for knitting socks) and Dr. O’s Marvelous Mysteries (a collection of four original illustrated southern stories combining fantasy and folklore) are also available at:


Dr. O's Marvelous Mysteries

The Marvelous Mysteries are four short, short Southern Gothic stories: like a touch of Edgar Allan Poe in a southern suburban neighborhood with woods and a view. The nice old lady next door is a witch and the neighbors down the street would like to eat you.


Who is Dr. O and why are these his marvelous mysteries? 
He is a “Barnum and Bailey” ringmaster of the mad science world.


Originally he was a medical quack practicing in a fictional world, Obid, parallel to the “real” world of the southern medical university where I worked from 1994 until 2011.  He started out looking like a 1950s family doc and over the years turned into futuristic cyber doc. 

You can read about his evil exploits in The Obidian Interval. My female protagonists inevitably tangle with Dr. O and get the better of him every time, so I guess this is my way of giving him a condolence prize.  Even if he is evil, he is rather cute.

The Marvelous Mysteries are also available as simple, hand bound books, 4” x 5”, each with one story and a collagraph - printed paper cover, available from the author/artist (me). 

Smaller versions are available in boxes silk screened with Dr. O’s image from Artists in Cellophane, through re-purposed cigarette dispensers called “art o mats”  located around the country.  Check this operation out at if it is new to you.  You’ll be glad you did.

  See Chapter 1, below

 The Obidian Interval: An illuminated novel 


  New art work based on The Obidian Interval is coming soon. 
  Below: experimentation in egg tempera (left) and screen print (right).

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